Green products

Our commitment to sustainable development.

Poligof is determined to make today’s and tomorrow’s world more sustainable, with special focus on the preservation of resources.

To meet this challenge we have developed backsheet solutions which include yield optimization, bio-based materials, recycling and compostability.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. With the increasing attention on waste disposal and recycling, finding commercial applications for recycled plastics is becoming of utmost importance. Thanks to proprietary technologies, we can convert our own scraps into backsheet films, which can be used as alternatives to their equivalents made of virgin raw materials.

Key Features:
  • White or pigmented films, printable
  • Breathable as well as non breathable
  • Adjustable recycled content: from 10 to 100%
  • Controlled and safe chain of custody
  • Compatible with existing non-wovens to produce textile backsheet


Made from plants, not from oil.

Bio-based plastics have the unique potential to reduce GHG emissions or even be carbon neutral. Plants absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide as they grow, and using them to produce bio-based products contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases (CO2) in the atmosphere.

Key Features:
  • PE films and non wovens made from annually renewable resouces (sugar cane, cellulose, starch)
  • Film as well as breathable laminate solutions
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Drop-in solution for standard PE films
  • Adjustable bio-based content, from 20 to 84%


From nature to nature: perfect synergy between plant-based raw materials and natural end-of-life solutions, thanks to compostable biopolymers.

Backsheets made of compostable biopolymers allow brand owners to provide a double environmental benefit to their consumers:

  • reduced use of oil
  • easier waste management
Key Features:
  • Film made of compostable biopolymers, obtained from starch or sugar resources
  • Non wovens made of wood-based viscose or starch-based PLA
  • Breathable
  • Compostable according to EN13432*
  • Bio-based content >90%
  • Unit weight from 40 to 48 g/m2


Designed to introduce new standards in baby care products. Unique combination of latest-generation synthetic material and natural cotton fibers, to provide true and sustainable natural care.

Key Features:
  • Non woven made of synthetic fibers enriched with natural cotton fibers
  • Renewable plant-based raw materials
  • Safe and clean, compliant with Reach and CLP regulations
  • Compatible with Nordic Ecolabel
  • Organic cotton and GOTS certificate option
  • Several options available: from 5% to 15% cotton blends
  • Breathable
  • Soft touch and smooth feel